• Booknik on February 4–10

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 12 февраля 2012

    Last week, Booknik pumped iron with all his might, so no one will be able to call him “a puny Jew” anymore; he sang songs by Alexander Galich, put on a white ribbon, and went out in the city square in a long trendy frock-coat, attended the Hermitage in search for the original Russian salad, and lost at chess to Booknik Jr. Who, in the meantime, decided to become a paleontologist, and fell in love with the Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Booknik on January 28 — February 3

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 6 февраля 2012

    Last week, Booknik got a dog, thanked God that He had not created him an Old Russian woman, shared a joke with Odessa dwellers, learned about Jews’ role in the victory over Napoleon, decided that musicians could be of some good, and ate a can of olives. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. read some didactic stories, and gave our prizes.

  • Booknik on January 21–27

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 29 января 2012

    Last week, Booknik found out that there is no way they can live without Jews both in Siberia and Mexico; he also caught ancient Slavs plagiarizing, flunked the institute entrance exams, had another nightmare, froze by a broken window, taught Booknik Jr. to count to five with the help of a mechanical adding machine, and improved his vocabulary. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. realized that he could like radishes but it was no reason to eat them.

  • Booknik on January 14–20

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 23 января 2012

    Last week, Booknik tried to avoid his destiny, visited Africa, learned some useful Sh-words, became an online yeshiva student, celebrated Simchat Torah when it was not due, was an archaeologist and a film critic, and felt what it meant to be an outsider. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. decided to enroll in an unusual school but he could not find any that could look like Hogwarts.

  • Booknik on January 7–13

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 16 января 2012

    Last week, Booknik celebrated the New Year again and again, and again; he shared other people’s reminiscences, roamed a labyrinth, danced with the Hasidim, chased a rare steak with lemonade, and painted a Jerusalem landscape. In the meantime, Booknik Jr. studied reluctantly, so he was happy to know that Sir Isaac Newton was also a slow learner.

  • Booknik on December 31 — January 6

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 7 января 2012

    Last week, Booknik celebrated the New Year, gave and received gifts of books, looked through the last year’s photographs, researched Jerusalem dumpsters, admired stars, filled himself with patriotism and suspected plagiarism in the United States national anthem, hijacked a car by revealing the secret of an anti-theft device, and told Booknik Jr. where kids come from. Meanwhile, the latter tore up his jeans and became a pirate.

  • Booknik on December 24–30

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 2 января 2012

    Last week, Booknik survived author’s “death” and “resurrection,” restore the historical justice, thought about what was better, to rest for a day or to work for six, went to movies several times, became a crime victim, went on a hunger strike, and tamed a dragon. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. received the Christmas gift of five books instead of five toy cars, and wanted to tear Father Christmas’s beard but later decided to show some tolerance.

  • Все лучшее — книги

    Сегодня Дина Суворова 31 декабря 2011

    В 2011 Букник писал о книгах хороших и разных, но сегодня мы решили сделать топ-11 книг 2011 года — художественных и не, — о которых Букник не писал (за редким исключением), но прочитать их полезно и душеспасительно. И, конечно, их можно дарить друзьям, давать детям и брать с собой в дорогу. Итак, поехали.

  • Booknik on December 17–23

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 25 декабря 2011

    Last week, Booknik forged some documents, and became a man; he travelled along the route mapped out by Dante, played the game of war, and promised to buy a kid sister at the Kiev market for Booknik Jr. He also boiled some cholent, and cabbage rolls. Meantime, Booknik Jr. got interested in politics, but not enough to forget about Hanukkah.

  • Booknik on December 10–16

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 17 декабря 2011

    Last week, Booknik promoted actions against AIDS, mused about his place in history, and literature’s place in his own life; he also pretended to be sick, and underwent the pacing. Moreover, he realized that the mathematics was not his forte, and took up cooking and American football instead; he thought about enrolling in the university but thought again, and went to the kindergarten. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. raised a baby thrush, and decided to be a clown when he would be old enough.