• Booknik on May 2–8: The Book of the Flying Rabbi, Pirating Jews, the Elusive Identity, a Culinary Occasion in Jerusalem, 20 Facts about Opera, Toasts without a Toaster, and the Biblical Twitter Contest

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 9 мая 2011

    Last week, Booknik studied the Kabbalah theoretical basics, read a book about Jewish Pirates, defined the Jewish Identity, watched Hanna// and attended the Old City Flavors Festival in Jerusalem, marveled at the Jews’ great love for opera and learned how to make toasts without a toaster. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. learned new things about the famous actor and singer Mark Bernes, went on an excursion to the Bank of Israel Museum and read a story about a strange knight who cannot complete any of his deed.

  • Booknik on Apr 25–May 1: Mysteries of Copper Books, Talmudic Treatises, Gendelev the Student, the Colors of Chagall, Jews, and Basketball

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 2 мая 2011

    Last week, Booknik investigated a mystery of sealed copper books from Jordan, read Talmudic treatises, a memoir about young Mikhail Gendelev, and a review of the Israeli theater “Context” stage production; he listened to a lecture on the Jewish life in Amsterdam in the 17th century, bid farewell to Mikhail Kozakov and Maya Kaganskaya, analyzed the Dollhouse// TV drama and an old novel by Anzia Yezierska, examined paintings by Chagall, watched the Yiddish Fest gala concert, wondered at the facts of Jewish involvement in basketball, learned U-words, and learned how to cook tzimmes. At the same time, Booknik Jr. did quizzes, thought about wise men’s words, and was happy to taste figs.

  • Booknik on Apr 18–24: Rome and London, Seder and a Cold, the Sassoons, Memoirs, and How Accordions Talk

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 25 апреля 2011

    Last week, Booknik read a prison camp memoir, and books about Rome in the 1st century A.D. and London in the 19th century; he prepared for the Cannes Film Festival, learned many new things about the Sassoons, trained to conduct the Passover Seder (then he conducted it) and cooked the matzah pie, tried to avoid catching a cold in public transport, studied Egypt, tried polarization filters on, listened to accordions talking, memorized more T-words, saw the theatrical production of The Stones, talked about books, and cooked kugel. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. kept bees, recited poetry, read a book about the Exodus and many other things on the Pesach, then he read yet another book about Findus, and attended the exhibition on the Israeli children health care.

  • Booknik on Apr 11–17: Artists, Bombay, Facebook, a Biro Pen, and Games without Rules

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 18 апреля 2011

    Last week, Booknik read Etgar Keret, books about great artists, and about Bombay; he talked to Sergey Loznitsa and David Rozenson, watched Catfish and Friday Night Dinner, listened to Haim Louk, celebrated the Gesher Theater’s anniversary, told anecdotes about Aliyah, walked in Tel Aviv, learned more T-words, wrote with a Biro pen, and cooked chicken broth with kneydls. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. dreamed about adventures at sea, learned many new things about photography, looked at an elephant, went to school, cooked a Pesach roll, and played games without rules.

  • Booknik on Apr 4–10: Up the Orinoco, Israeli Cafes, a TV Remote, and the Wind on a Windless Day

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 11 апреля 2011

    Last week, Booknik rafted up the Orinoco and another river, the invisible one, laughed a lot, compared two well-known songs, drank Chocolit, roamed Israeli cafes, studied Biblical archaeology, launched a new web TV series, learned many new things about a TV remote and more new T-words, and cooked moussaka. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. handcrafted candles, read a tale about the wind on a windless day and a story by Janusz Korczak, and attended a theatrical production that was either an opera or a puppet show; after that, he took a walk in Kiev.

  • Иерусалимское письмо

    Сегодня / Письмо редактора Дэвид Розенсон 7 апреля 2011

    Иерусалим — город энергии и красоты, живое доказательство того, что якобы невозможное вполне реально.
    Тех, кто еще не бывал в Иерусалиме — и евреев, и неевреев, — я призываю его посетить. Быть может, пройдясь по булыжным мостовым, посетив древние и новые достопримечательности, вы ощутите красоту и величие этого процветающего города, который некогда полагали всего лишь историческим реликтом. Побывав там, вы поймете, отчего он так важен.

  • Booknik Reader #13: A Letter from the Publisher

    Сегодня / Письмо редактора Дэвид Розенсон 5 апреля 2011

    Jerusalem is a city of energy, beauty and proof that what seems on the outside to be impossible is, despite all, realistic and possible. And while I love other European cities and towns, it is Jerusalem that provides us with that faith, proving by its very existence and growth that the impossible is possible. There are other beautiful cities and towns in Israel, all worthy of a visit. But to understand her history, to listen to her message, one must visit and spend time in Jerusalem.

  • Booknik on Mar 28–Apr 3: Wolf Messing, a Female Soul, Klezmer, the Song of Songs, the Carnival Costumes Contest, and the Butterfly Pâté

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 4 апреля 2011

    Last week, Booknik read about twisted families, the void, and Wolf Messing, talked about klezmer, listened to the presentations on pseudo-judaics, and to lots of music, discussed Leonard Cohen, tried to comprehend the female soul, read the new translation of the Song of Songs, studied Japanese culture, learned some more T-words, and cooked a butterfly pâté. Booknik Jr. finalized the carnival costume contest, studied diligently, took good care of baby elephants, and then he planned to publish a cook book, and to travel to Amsterdam.

  • Первоапрельское серьезное

    Сегодня / Новости Мила Дубровина 1 апреля 2011

    Ну что, сколько раз уже сели на намазанный клеем стул? Что новенького, кроме двух традиционных пятикилограммовых гирь, обнаружили в сумке, придя на работу? Кстати, сидя за столом, почаще перебирайте ногами, а то еще и шнурки придется распутывать. Букник-то такими глупостями заниматься не собирается, он вам расскажет о серьезных вещах.

  • Так проникает свет

    Наташа Галкина 29 марта 2011

    Искусство чтения в зазорах между словами и смыслами