• Booknik on July 24–30: Babel, Jewish Pioneers, Mossad Agents, a Crocodile under the Bed, and Kosher Beer Snacks

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 1 августа 2011

    Last week, Booknik read about émigrés from Eastern countries, retired Mossad agents, and why crocodiles breed under beds; he contemplated the soul of Jerusalem, and went to the theater to see the show based on Isaac Babel’s stories. He also sang some Psoy Korolenko’s songs, looked for Jews in Verona, gathered facts about lost tribes of Israel, and drank beer with kosher “pigs ears.”

  • Псой Короленко на дне рождения Букника

    Сегодня / Музыка 29 июля 2011

    Выступление Псоя Короленко завершает публикацию видео со дня рождения Букника. Исполнив песню "О чем это я?", Псой задал зрителям актуальный вопрос сегодняшнего дня.

  • Booknik on July 16–23: Haruki Murakami, Rock Paintings in 3-D, Israeli Guest Workers, and the Invention of Gramophone

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 25 июля 2011

    Last week, Booknik tried to sort out who needs Russian philology; he also mused on the emptiness, Zen and of the usual kind, went down to some prehistoric caves, and looked at rock paintings in 3-D; he was distressed by the housing problem and how it can corrupt people, and he cooked turkey in beer. In general, he had some super time listening to Alexey Paperny’s music, and even the chocolate melted by the current heat did not spoil his pleasure from riding a Jerusalem streetcar.

  • Паперный ТАМ на дне рождения Букника

    Сегодня / Музыка 21 июля 2011

    Алексей Паперный с песней про дорогу, которая начинается прямо от дома и наверняка приводит в страну детской мечты, в прекрасные южные страны, а быть может, в землю обетованную.

  • Booknik on July 9–15: Panem et Circenses, Jesus Christ Superstar, FX Serving Shakespeare, the Hollywood Recipe of Happiness, and the Talmud Object Lesson in Humbleness

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 18 июля 2011

    Last week, Booknik learned three more words, rode a hearse to the past and to Tel Aviv, quieted a storm, restrained his ambitions, ate lots of bread, and now he has bellyful. At the same time, Booknik Jr. dreamt about Hollywood fame, and read about the glorious soviet past.

  • Пакава Ить на дне рождения Букника

    Сегодня / Музыка 14 июля 2011

    Выступление Пакавы Ить стало кульминацией праздника. Харизматичные парни с блестящими трубами свое дело знают. За несколько секунд гости вечеринки Букника окончательно расслабились и отплясывали под энергичный трек. В рядах у самой сцены кружились в суфийском танце юные хрупкие девушки.

  • Booknik on July 2–8: The New York Underground and an Underground Kindergarten, Chicory Coffee, Handsome Men, a Myth of the Eternal Return, Angels and the DemonsDönme

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 11 июля 2011

    Last week, Booknik celebrated his birthday, told jokes by the hour, performed an aliyah, read the “National Bestseller” award-winning books (by virtue of office and not for pleasure), learned more H-words, looked at photographs, and debunked a myth of the global conspiracy. At the same time, Booknik Jr. returned home from his summer camp, and immediately wanted to go back there, ate too much sweets in Kazan, and got tangled up in blues the wires.

  • Booknik on June 27—July 1: Holy Tongue and Argentinian Tango, the Beauty Recipe, a Flying Cat, and Crying through One’s Tears

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 4 июля 2011

    Last week, Booknik read some science fiction about Holocaust, a mystery about the Warsaw Ghetto, and the poetry by Pavel Zaltsman; he cried and laughed at the jokes told by those who survived the Shoah, studied Jewish languages and danced tango, flew a helicopter and tasted kadaif; he also visited Grisha Bruskin’s studio again. Booknik Jr. taught grown-ups to talk to children, made wings for a cat, and broke a music bottle with the poet Igor Bely; he also attended a book fair in Israel.

  • Отвязное пятилетие, или Ноева квартира

    Сегодня / Репортажи Мила Дубровина 4 июля 2011

    На празднике пятилетки веранда Квартиры 44 напоминала одновременно Ноев ковчег и гнездовье ласточек на обрыве. Новые гости все прибывали – некоторые так торопились, что теряли ориентацию в пространстве и вместо заветного 24-го дома по Якиманке доходили аж до самого израильского посольства, – Паперный пел, Квартира растягивалась, официанты носились все быстрее.

  • Booknik on June 20–26: Mysterious Orbinauts, Torah and Geometry, Jerusalem Festivals, a Black Cabbie, and Biblical Eroticism

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 27 июня 2011

    Last week, Booknik joined forces with Booknik Jr. to read a novel about intellectuals in medieval Spain and the Song of Songs. He studied the Moscow Film Festival program, and attended various festivals in Jerusalem; he cooked some cold borsht, and some warm ice cream, talked to a Harvard professor, and the artist Grisha Bruskin, looked into contraception methods, and learned optimism from Rabbi Akiva.

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