• Booknik on December 10–16

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 17 декабря 2011

    Last week, Booknik promoted actions against AIDS, mused about his place in history, and literature’s place in his own life; he also pretended to be sick, and underwent the pacing. Moreover, he realized that the mathematics was not his forte, and took up cooking and American football instead; he thought about enrolling in the university but thought again, and went to the kindergarten. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. raised a baby thrush, and decided to be a clown when he would be old enough.

  • Booknik on December 4–10

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 12 декабря 2011

    Last week, Booknik did his civic duty and took part in the elections; he followed his heart and went to the non/fiction book fair; he also condemned collaboration and anti-Semitism, ate chocolate in astronomic quantities, found some plagiarism in ABBA songs, and made some progress in family psychotherapy. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. secretly fed a hedgehog, and took up photography.

  • Booknik on November 26 — December 3

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 3 декабря 2011

    Last week, Booknik was surprised to learn that he was a Georgian, like Peter the Great; he fought a knightly tournament, fooled around with “Gogol Bordello”, learned some words starting with “Ch”, taught Madonna some swear words, and learned how to do embroidery with the help of a sewing machine. At the same time, Booknik Jr. baked some cakes, studied history, stole Booknik Senior’s golden watch, and went to Lombardy looking for a pawn shop.

  • Booknik on November 19–25

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 26 ноября 2011

    Last week, Booknik suffered the pangs of love, joined the Goths, and walked among the graves in the Prague cemetery; he also tried to ram the open doors, built some communism, took a walk in New York, sang songs about his motherland (one of the two), and temped as a toilet cleaner. Meanwhile, unsupervised Booknik Jr., made friends with Jack the Ripper, and took up anatomy.

  • Booknik on November 12–18

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 20 ноября 2011

    Last week, Booknik built a subway in Jerusalem, planted palm trees in Moscow, raised some ghosts on the Sakhalin Island, looked for tzimmes in a salmon salad, and searched for a meaning in life; he also laughed at twenty years old jokes, and drank some alcohol-free wine with Booknik Jr. who weighed an elephant, went to an Israeli school, and made a quick trip through the looking glass.

  • Booknik on November 5-11

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 13 ноября 2011

    Last week, Booknik tracked down a serial killer, tried to like Dostoyevsky with all his might, and tried to like the Thai Tom Yum soup; he also resided in a Paris beehive, went to school with Stalin’s daughter, cried over the leek soup, went to the movies to see some Spielberg, and read some Talmud. Meanwhile, as it is fit for kiddies, Booknik Jr. spent some time at the playground, and ate sweets, listening to morality tales of Rabbi Meir.

  • Booknik on October 29 — November 4

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 6 ноября 2011

    Last week, Booknik left the Young Communist League, cleaned the house, cooked a potato soup, wrote a memoir, counted stones and calories, tried the jeans on, and served in the Israeli Defense Force. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. was on vacation, and that was the reason why he watched cartoons from dawn to dawn, and heads breakfast three times a day.

  • Booknik on October 22–28

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 31 октября 2011

    Last week, Booknik studied the guide through mystic cities, yet he traveled to Odessa; he also defended the honor of Jewish representatives, covertly read a sensual novel, participated in yet another “Jewish conspiracy,” occupied Wall St., entered a fist fight with a streetcar conductor, experienced the Jerusalem Syndrome, dieted, and was caught plagiarizing. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. learned how to read thoughts in the head of a 3rd form girl-student, and how to bake buns.

  • Booknik on October 15–21

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 24 октября 2011

    Last week, Booknik finally emerged from the sukkah, changed from his frock-coat into coat-tails, celebrated two Davids’ jubilees, tried to eat Jerusalem, yet broke his tooth on a stone, attended the Frankfurter Buchmesse, read Koran in Swahili, learned the recipe of happiness, and rejoiced at the invention of brakes. Booknik Jr. studied Talmud rendered for children, sent out “letters of luck,” almost got lost in a crowd, and now carries Booknik Senior’s business card and a GPS device in his pocket.

  • Booknik on October 8–14

    Сегодня / Booknik Highlights Sholem Golem 17 октября 2011

    Last week, Booknik visited Sarajevo, learned that it was not Jews who crucified Christ but priests, memorized the entire Jewish alphabet, quit smoking, got wet in the rain, walked in Jerusalem accompanied by a free mason, and got suntanned on a beach among sand sculptures. Meanwhile, Booknik Jr. studied paper manufacturing, and watched cartoons.